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Asamblea Wizard of Oz

Narrator/Hanna: Dorothy lived in the great Kansas prairies. One day uncle Henry shouted a cyclone is coming and everybody has to run to the cellar.

Dorothy carries Toto and runs in circles, leaves Toto on the floor and covers her ears, dorothy laid down on the floor and closed her eyes.

Wich of the East/Izzy: I'm the witch of the East, thank you for killing the bad witch.

Duende/ Isabella B: we represent the lullaby league and in the name of the...
Duende 2/ Sofia: Lullaby League we wish to welcome you to the Munchkin Land!

Dorothy/ Isa R: You are very kind, but I have not killed anhthing.

W.of East/ Izzy: your house did and it's the same!! See!
Duende 3/ David: there are two toes!! (Dorothy se espanta y grita)

Narrator/ Hanna: in all the Land of Oz, there were only four witches, two of them, are good witches, and those who live in the east and west are not good.

Dorothy/ Isa R recoge los zapatos

W. Of East: you must go to Emerald city perhaps Oz will help you.

Dorothy/Isa R: How can I get there?

W. Of East: Follow the yellow brick road.

(Se pone los zapatos y camina hasta que se sienta a descansar y ve al espantapájaros)

Scarecrow/Leo: Good day

Dorothy/ Isa: can't you get down?

Scarecrow/Leo: no! Who are you?

Dorothy/ Isa: I'm Dorothy and I'm going to the Emerald City to see the great
Wizard of Oz. Do you know him?

Scarecrow/Leo: Noo! I have  no brain at all. If I go with you to the great Oz would he give me some brain?

Dorothy/Isa: I don't know, let's try

( se encuentra el hombre de hojalata parado y Dorothy lo ve sorprendida)

Dorothy/Isa: What was that?

Tin man/Eduardo: please get an oil can and oil all my joints, they are rusted  I cannot move at all.( dorothy le pone aceite)

Tin man/ Eduardo: You certainly saved my life. Where do you go?

Dorothy/Isa: We go to the Emerald city, because I want to go back home.

Scarecrow/Leo: I want a brain into my head!

Tin man/ Eduardo: Do you think Oz could give me a heart?

Scarecrow/Leo: Sure, come along with us! (Se van caminado)

Narrator/Hanna: They walked through the thick woods and a big lion appears.

El leon salta e inmediatamente se agacha con miedo.

Dorothy/ Isa: You are big coward.

Lion/ Dario: Iknow it, the king of the beasts shouldn't be a coward. It is my great sorrow and makes my life very unhappy.

Scarecrow/ Leo: I'm going to the great Oz to ask him for a brain.

Tin man/Eduardo: I'm going to ask him for a heart!

Dorothy/ Isa R: I'm going to ask him to send Toto and me back to Kansas

Lion/Dario: Do you think Oz could give me courage?

( los tres mueven la cabeza diciendo que si y se van caminando)

Guard/ Oscar: What do you want in the Emerald city?

Dorothy/Isa: We want to see the great Oz

Guard 2/Adrian: He is powerful and terrible

Scarecrow/ Leo: We have been told Oz is a good wizard

Guard2/Adrian: Ok. Let's see him

Oz/Alex: (señala a Dorothy) Who are you and Why do you want to see me?

Dorothy/Isa: I'm Dorothy and I want to go back to Kansas

Scarecrow/ Leo: I have no brain and I beg you to put a brain in my head. Please!

Tin man/ Eduardo: I have no heart and I beg you to give me a heart!!

Lion/ Dario: I am a cowardly lion and I beg you to give me courage

Oz/Alex: Ok, I will help you.

Se  acerca al espantapájaros y le mueve la cabeza de un lado a otro.

Oz/Alex: You'll be a great man. You have a new brain

Scarecrow/Leo: thank you

Se acerca al hombre de hojalata les pone la mano en el pecho.

Oz/Alex: here is you heart

Tin man/Eduardo: thank you

 Se acerca al león con un vaso y le da a beber

Oz Alex: drink! How do you feel now?

Lion: Strong, thank you

Dorothy se acerca a Oz y le dice

Dorothy/Isa: Please help me!!

Oz/Alex: I can't help you but  I think Glinda can

Dorothy/Isa: Who?

Guardian/ Oscar: the witch of the West, she might know how to help you!

Glinda/ Aitana: What can I do for you?

Dorothy/Isa: Please, send me back to Kansas

Glinda/ Aitana: The ruby shoes have wonderful powers all you have to do is to knock the heels together three times and close your eyes and you will be at home. (Choca los zapatos y todos le dicen adios)

Narrator/ Hanna: Dorothy came back home with her aunt and uncle. She was happy and also everyone in Oz Land.

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